Using the system


We allow search across all the documents in the system (currently, these are annual reports, shareholding documents, insider trade filings) either focusing on a particular company or across companies. On all of the search screens you can further refine the query based on the facets by checking boxes on the left of the screen and hitting filter. Some tips on the search query itself:

Search within a companies documents

While it is easy enough to get the annual report of the company you are researching, often you would want to quickly find some piece of information either for a competitor or for the same company across years. Investing often is a about establishing comparative advantage and so one needs to be able to compare information across companies/over time. While one can go and download the annual reports for the corresponding company/year and then find the required information, we want to make this whole process easy and quick.

Let us say you are researching a home finance company (Can fin home and you are reading about their low NPAs). You quickly want to compare these numbers with a different home finance company (say Repco Home finance). Just start typing Repco in Box 1; and pick the company. Type in npas in Box 2 and you can get your answer in a few of seconds. Select the year and filter to see this over time. While we are working on improving the search, you might have to try different variations of keywords to get your desired result.

Search across companies

Since we have aggregated information for all companies; you can also use the tool to do searches across companies to find other useful information. Just click on the "Alpha Analyst" on the top left of the screen to get to home page for doing searches. Some examples are listed below.

Browsing financial statements and schedules of a company

When looking to research a company, you would typically start at the financial statements. You can navigate to financials which have been pulled out from the annual reports of the companies by typing the company name in Box 1. You can go to the original source of the document by clicking on the You can use the links in the table to navigate to the corresponding note. Not all companies will have all financial statements extracted; we are working on this and if you would like to have a certain company available let us know. Also note that you can cut and paste the tables from this page into an excel spreadsheet for further analysis. We will be adding richer information on this company page by processing the annual reports; stay tuned for updates!