Alpha Analyst

Fundamental analysis of companies made simpler

Analysing a company for investing or assessing credit worthiness involves reading documents from several different sources, finding and putting together key pieces of information and analyzing this information to form an opinion about the company. Currently only a subset of this information is available in structured databases which are somewhat noisy and often one needs to go to the original source of the information to verify it for correctness.

We are building a system to apply the power of ML, AI and Big Data to financial analytics. Alpha Analyst gathers all relevant data from different sources, links and integrates the data, automatically analyzes and derives structured data from unstructured data. This is made available through a convenient interface to find and analyze the required information. Our system makes it easier to find the required information, thus reducing the chance of making a mistake due to overlooking crucial information buried inside a long document. It improves the efficiency of the analysis process and will eventually automate many tasks that an analyst carries out in analyzing a company.

Big Data

Machine Learning

Semantic Search

Our Team

Prasad Deshpande

Prasad likes to work on all aspects of data management and analytics and has deep expertise in database internals, data integration, OLAP, data mining and text analytics. He received a B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT, Bombay and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Database Systems from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist and a former member of the IBM Academy of Technology. Most recently, he worked as CTO at IQLECT, leading the technical team to deliver the first version of their streaming data analytics product. Before that he spent 12 years at IBM Research, where he was a Senior Technical Staff Member and Manager of the Information Analytics group.

Karthik Visweswariah

Karthik's expertise is in the area of machine learning and he has worked extensively in the areas of speech recognition, machine translation and natural language processing. Most recently he was Senior Technical Staff Member and Senior Manager of the Analytics and Mobile Enabled Solutions department at IBM Research. He contributed to several innovations in IBM's speech recognition products and to building state of the art translation systems between Indian languages and English. He led teams developing and applying machine learning and optimisation techniques to solve business problems in a wide variety of areas. He obtained his Ph.D. in Elec. Engineering (Information theory) from Princeton University and his B. Tech in ECE from IIT, Madras.